Steve Brownlee Keybase Space

Welcome to my Keybase File System vault

Keybase File System
The Keybase filesystem (KBFS) is a distributed filesystem with end-to-end encryption and a global namespace. The KBFS code is open source.
“Distributed” means you can access it from any device.
“Filesystem” means that there is no sync model -- files stream in and out on demand. Among other things, that means that files on KBFS don’t take up space on your devices.
“End-to-end encryption” means that all data stored in KBFS have guaranteed integrity and authentication, and also confidentiality when desired, and that only the people intended to read or write a piece of data can do so. In particular, we (Keybase) cannot change, read, or even know the names of your private files.
“Global namespace” means that each file on KBFS has a single unique path, regardless of the device from which you access it.